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Lisa Grant Runner Up In Learning Award

Lisa Grant

Lisa Grant has changed the way nurses work at The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust.  As one of the country’s youngest Directors of Nursing, Lisa has worked hard to achieve a position in which she could make a real difference to the care of patients.  She has transformed the nursing structure at The Walton Centre; brought about huge improvements in patient care and safety, and given nurses new and innovative ways of working.

At the age of 23 she was promoted to sister and in 2009 Lisa was appointed Deputy Director of Nursing at The Walton Centre, Just 18 months later the Director of Nursing and Modernisation post became vacant and, aged just 34, Lisa achieved the promotion she had been working so hard for. Since her appointment Lisa has put in place changes which directly impact on patients and have resulted in measurable improvements.

Lisa is an inspirational leader to nurses at all levels at The Walton Centre.  She sets high standards for patient care and ensures that excellence is at the heart of nursing practice.

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