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5 Things You Should Know Before Starting a Business

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1. Own your name
Make sure the company name you use has an available trademark and internet domain name. To check if a trademark is available you can do a trademark search online. Never assume that a trademark is available just because you can’t find it online as it may be used by a company that is closed or someone may have trademarked it but never used it.


How can we combat the challenges that women aiming for senior roles face?

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Women only account for a sixth of those in senior roles at the UK's top companies, according to the Financial Times. However, women are 35% more likely to go to university, a report from the Higher Education Policy Institute reveals. So, if women are more qualified than they have ever been before, why are they still struggling to secure the UK's top jobs?

Paula Tinkler, Commercial Director at Chemoxy, has come up against some of the challenges women face when trying to move up the career ladder, but now holds a senior role. Here, she explains how we can help more women to do the same.


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